Our approach to design is rooted in the idea that each work should tell a story. From the simplest end tables, to commercial counters and cash wraps, our work demonstrates our ethos to let nature speak. 

In approaching design projects we take into account the needs of the client, the purpose of the end product and the wood itself. We believe each tree’s shape and unique grain can speak to its future use. With a large inventory,

Our islands are unique in our country for its tropical climate and volcanic soil, giving Lyric the benefit of producing beautiful furniture with incredible character, all made in the United States. The tight grains, colors, and wide availability of sustainable materials means that we have the best pick of large slab and dimensional lumber to choose from when we construct our work. 

As a client, you benefit by having the most beautiful wood furniture possible. 


Joshua puts it best, “this wood is unique and beautiful, but normally, people are sending it to the chipper.” 

The larger lumber industry has made wood seem “unsustainable” in popular culture. We’ve seen movies or pictures of the receding forest line in the amazon, but we don’t think about what’s happening to the tree we had to take out the yard because roots were impacting the house’s foundation. That’s why we use local wood. Lyric works with local tree trimmers to source our materials. Recycling those trees that once held tire swings to provide natural beauty in the home. 

We believe sustainability rests on two supports: sustainable materials and building furniture that lasts.

We source local wood because it’s beautiful. The character of old trees is just plain better. We would never want to see those beautiful trees, grown from our ‘aina (land), end up as wood chips in a landfill. We never fell trees before their ready, but when storms hit our islands, or roots pose a danger to retaining walls each tree may need to be removed. We give these trees a chance to serve another purpose - to brighten your day as you sit down for morning coffee at the kitchen table, to rock your newborn to sleep in the rocking chair. 

Hawaii is precious, and as caretakers of our land it is important that we care for and treat each thing that grows here as a treasure. Our design is influenced by the long traditions of woodworking in the cultures that make up Hawaii’s diversity - from Native Hawaiian and Polynesian voyagers all the way to Japan. We find the right piece to fit the space, but never force the design, always keeping meeting the wood half way to let it influence the design, because nature’s beauty never ends up out of style with passing trends. 

We don’t believe in "planned obsolescence." Our construction methods are solid, relying as much as possible on classical Japanese joinery that withstands stress better than steel screws and bolts. We build heirloom pieces that won’t end up next your rubbish bin along side particle board bookshelves, because furniture that is built strong reduces our consumption.