THE Coral collection 

As a designer and woodworker my role is to be an instrument for the creation of objects and forms that engage and delight all five senses the mind and the heart.

For the eye, proportion is paramount. A harmonious balance is sought between all of the parts of the whole. I begin by drawing a sketch of the desired piece and then assembling the materials. For each piece of wood there is a perfect use, for some pieces it is apparent immediately and for others it may take years before it reveals it’s best use as perhaps a music stand, a lamp or an alter. Many refinements to the design occur during the building process itself as each piece is held in hand, felt and squinted at.

I use only solid wood. I feel that a piece loses its integrity as soon as plywood or pressboard is introduced. When I knock on a table I only want my ear to hear the unmistakeable resonance of solid wood.